Consultant Categories

The ACT Government’s Prequalification Scheme for Consultants has been revised around the Category descriptions and how they will be assessed.

The change mainly affects the area of Construction Contract Administration – previously called “with superintendence”. The new categories and their assessment will commence 15 June 2020.

The changed categories will only affect those Consultants who undertake the “Superintendent”, “Principals Representative” or “Principals Authorised Person” role in ACT Government projects, ie Contract Administration of a construction contract.

Also, clarification of the CE and CE/C-CA categories has been detailed in the "Prequalification Threshold Code" document at:

A new “Guidelines Document” and “Application” reflecting the changes are published at:

Work Health and Safety Management System Standards

Standards Australia and Standards New Zealand have adopted ISO45001:2018 and re-issued it as AS/NZS 45001:2018.  AS/NZS 4801:2001 has been listed as superseded by both Standards organisations.

All prequalified Contractors and Consultants must have management system certification as required by the Territory to the new standard by 12 September 2021.

Professionally Qualified Personnel definition.

All assessment of Professionally Qualified Engineers / Architects / Landscape Architects, is assessed against the following Definitions as quoted in the relative “Guidelines” documents:

Professionally Qualified Architect:
  • is an Architect who has a degree from a university, and
  • is registered with the ACT Architects Board.
Professionally Qualified Landscape Architect:
  • is a Landscape Architect who has a degree from a university, and
  • is registered with the Australian Institute of Landscape Architects (AILA)
Professionally Qualified Engineer:
  • is an engineer who has a 4 year degree from a university that is accredited under the Washington Accord, and
  • is registered in a relevant area of practice on the National Engineering Register.

Prequalification and Supplier Lists

This page  lists the prequalification categories and the suppliers prequalified in each category.

Applying for ACT Prequalification

Please view the relevant requirements and complete the following application forms.

National Prequalification Schemes

The ACT Government administers two National Prequalification Schemes for Building Non Residential ($50m and greater) and Civil Road and Bridge. This page outlines the application and mutual recognition process for these schemes.

Industrial Relations and Employment Certification

The Industrial Relations and Employment Obligation Certification (IRE) is being replaced by the Secure Local Jobs Code Certificate.

Small Architects and Landscape Architects

The small architects and landscape architects registration schemes' intent is to enable small architectural and landscape architectural firms with five or less staff, to quote for design work with a fee value up to $25,000.

Businesses tendering for construction, cleaning, security and traffic management work must have Secure Local Jobs Code Certification.

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