The ACT Government has introduced a new online system for managing, reporting and delivering on capital works projects, the Project Management and Reporting System is known as PMARS. Suppliers of works and services managed as part of the ACT Government’s capital works program will be transitioned to PMARS.

This site provides general information about PMARS, including what suppliers need to do to register and work within PMARS, and who to contact for assistance.

What is PMARS?

PMARS is a new online tool now delivering which delivers a systematic approach to managing, reporting and delivering capital works projects for the ACT Government.

What it's like working with PMARS?

PMARS manages payment claims, invoicing and communications for all projects and contracts that are part of the Government’s capital works program. If you are a supplier of works or services for capital works projects under contract to the ACT Government, registering for access to the PMARS Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) portal now will ensure your ability to lodge invoices and payment claims against current contracts you are party to. The SRM portal allows suppliers to view and manage a range of information including:

Once your contract is added to PMARS, you will be contacted directly to assist you with using the new system. Until that time, please continue with business as usual.

How does PMARS make doing business easier?

Doing business with the ACT Government is made easier with PMARS as it provides suppliers of capital works with an efficient communication channel to submit payment claims, track invoices, and to manage the updating of insurances and other compliance matters. PMARS simplifies the invoice payment process for you and enhances the ACT Government’s ability to administer its contracts, with flow-on benefits of a reduction in the manual handling of invoices; and payment claims, which encourages reduced administrative requirements for your business.

How to lodge claims and invoices with PMARS?

PMARS is an online system, instead of mailing or emailing your invoice or claim, you will upload your payment claim and tax invoice electronically in the PMARS SRM portal. The PMARS SRM portal is web-based, similar to online banking, you only require an internet connection to submit claims and invoices.
ACT government project or contract managers are be able to guide you through the process of using the portal.

The status of PMARS within the ACT Government

PMARS is in now operational for capital works projects delivered by Major Projects Canberra! You will be contacted directly to advise when your contract will be added to PMARS.

How to register to use PMARS:

or follow this link to log in: Link


Self-paced online training videos are available to guide you through how to use PMARS. Link

What do I have to do?

Register to use PMARS. This is done through the PMARS SRM portal. You can register for PMARS at any time, even if your contract is not yet operating in PMARS. Please refer to the PMARS Supplier Registration Quick Access Card below for step by step instructions on how to register.

If your contract or works agreement/purchase order/work order is to be managed through PMARS, our team will make contact with you over the coming months as we incrementally on-board projects into this new system

Is PMARS similar to the Account Payable Invoice Automation Solution (APIAS)?

You may already be working with the ACT Government Accounts Payable Invoice Automation Solution (APIAS) system which is used for administrative invoices. PMARS is an separate system designed for managing capital works projects and provides for added efficiencies to enable the ACT Government to readily and promptly process payment claims and invoices.

Where can I get help with PMARS?

If you need help to register, have questions or comments about PMARS, please contact the PMARS help desk on (02) 6205 6111 or via email at

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