Bruce bike path lights up


A glow in the dark cycle path will be trialled in Bruce in a first for Canberra.

A 220 metre path adjacent to Purdie Street has had a glow in the dark surface treatment applied to allow the path to be illuminated at night.

Places such as parks and nature reserves do not have street lighting due to the impact on native fauna and high costs and this technology, which allows the path to emit a soft glow at night, is a great alternative to the more traditional overhead lighting.

The product, which appears like a thick sandpaper and looks similar to the green on-road cycle lanes, is made from a combination of aggregate and minerals which absorb sunlight during the day to provide eight or more hours of illumination.

The surface has now been applied and will take a number of days to settle before its full illumination comes into effect early next week.

The new path will provide visual guidance and direction to cyclists and other path users when it is dark, ultimately providing a safer trip. It will link to sites such as GIO Stadium, the Australian Institute of Sport and Canberra Institute of Technology Bruce campus.

Unlike street lighting, the path is also expected to have less interference with the activities of native nocturnal species. This will be investigated throughout the trial.

The trial will run as long as necessary to allow sufficient time to undertake ecological observations and other assessments including the effects of various weather conditions on the path’s illumination. This analysis will be used to justify the future use of the product in Canberra.

A similar glow in the dark path was rolled out in Gosford last year and has been very popular among the community providing improved access to key community hubs.