Share your knowledge of local flora and fauna with the Canberra Nature Map

Sundew at Mt Majura

Park care groups, volunteers and members of the public exploring Canberra’s diverse nature parks this summer can have wildlife identified by experts and report sightings of rare and endangered species using Canberra Nature Map.

The map also allows users to search for photographs and listings of wildlife in particular reserves or within 250 metres of a specified location.

Canberra Nature Map was founded by Aaron Clausen, a mountain biker who accidentally rode through a patch of critically endangered Canberra spider orchids and became entranced by their beauty and fragility.

The database is growing more comprehensive all the time and now supplies 40 percent of all rare plant records collected in the ACT since 1910. Up until November 2015, there were no records of the Mountain Beard Orchid in the ACT and in just one week nature-mappers recorded 14 sightings of the plants from eight separate locations.

The site is currently being expanded to include a reptile and frog portal. By the end of 2015 over two million bird records kept by the Canberra Ornithologist Group will be searchable through the site.

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