Recycle your old mattress

Mattress being recycled

Canberrans can now recycle their mattresses with the official opening of social enterprise Soft Landing’s new mattress recycling facility at the Hume Sheds.

You can now drop off your mattress directly to Soft Landing at the Hume Sheds on John Cory Circuit from 7.30 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday for $23 per piece. Alternatively, you can call 6260 1046 to book and pre-pay $29.50 to have your mattress picked up from your home. Residents will not need to be present at the time of pick up.

Mattresses can still be dropped off at the Mitchell and Mugga Lane Resource Management Centres for $33 per piece. The new pricing arrangements will mean an ensemble will equate to two pieces and both the base and the mattress will be recycled.

With approximately 18,000 mattresses disposed of each year, the ACT will now be recycling around 200 tonnes of steel, 70 tonnes of foam and 200 tonnes of wood. These materials will be used to create something new such as carpet underlay and steel from the used springs.

Soft Landing, the organisation behind the facility, is a social enterprise that will work to provide 75 per cent of positions to people in the community who are experiencing barriers to work.

For more information on mattress recycling, including a full list of the pricing options, visit