Dog-friendly Canberra gets even better


Canberra is already known for being dog-friendly, but thanks to some changes earlier this year, you and your pooch can now enjoy even more of our Canberra, together.

Off leash at sportsgrounds
Thanks to extensive community feedback, you can now exercise your dog off-leash at all sportsgrounds, district playing fields and neighbourhood ovals across Canberra when they’re not being used for sport (enclosed ovals remain dog prohibited).  William Slim Drive pedestrian parkland in Lawson has also changed from an on-leash area to off-leash.

Off leash at wetlands
Dogs can also be off-leash at man-made wetland areas such as Lyneham or Dickson wetlands, or Flemington Road ponds.

On leash at major parks
All major parks are now dog on-leash. These include Tuggeranong Town Park, Lennox Gardens, Weston Park, Eddison Park, Yerrabi Pond and Black Mountain Peninsula.

Off leash timeshare
And in a first for Canberra, Blaxland Park in Griffith is being trialled as a timeshare dog off-leash area from 6pm to 7am until 31 March 2016. To provide feedback on the trial email

Remember this:

  • Keep your dog 10 metres away from playgrounds and barbecues
  • Keep your dog on-leash when walking on a path or cycleway
  • Always be mindful your dog isn’t harassing other dogs, people, or wildlife
  • Always clean up after your dog
  • Enclosed ovals remain dog prohibited.