The impact of climate change for Canberra


Community feedback on the ACT Government’s draft Climate Change Adaptation Strategy will help the Government develop a strategy that creates exciting opportunities for our city while also preparing us all for local climate impacts.

The strategy sets out the anticipated impacts of climate change in our region and identifies actions that can be taken now and in the future to help us adapt and take advantage of the social and economic benefits climate change action can offer.

By preparing for more frequent and intense fires, storms, droughts and heatwaves, and supporting native species and urban forests, we can reduce the risks to our homes and community assets while benefiting from a stronger and more liveable city.

Adapting to climate change is the responsibility of the whole community, though government will continue to play a leading role by preparing our emergency responses, better managing our water resources, helping families reduce their electricity bills, introducing planning strategies to reduce the effects of heat and encouraging private enterprise and individuals to be aware of the things they can do to help themselves and the broader community.

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