Upgrades to Kambah, Cook and Rivett shopping centres underway


Work has started on a series of upgrades at Cook, Rivett and Kambah (Mannheim Street) local shopping centres to enhance the character of our suburbs.

A range of upgrades will be implemented, including improved lighting along footpaths, better access to bus stops, new public space seating, bicycle racks, and additional parking spaces for people with disability.

The $850,000 improvements to the Cook shopping centre at Cook Place will include:

  • Increased open space for gatherings as well as outdoor dining;
  • Better access from the bus stop and surrounding streets with new pathways and ramps;
  • Reduced trip hazards;
  • Improved lighting along footpaths and the main car park;
  • An additional parking space for people with a disability, compliant to current standards; and
  • New public space furniture, a drinking fountain and upgraded landscaping.

Rivett shopping centre on Rivett Place will include $360,000 of works that will provide:

  • Improved access from the bus stop to the shops with the installation of a new pathway, ramp and stairs;
  • Better safety with upgrades to paving and lighting;
  • Improved access from the Burrangiri Aged Care facility to the shopping centre; and
  • New public space seating.

Kambah shopping centre on Mannheim Street will also receive upgrades with $550,000 works that include:

  • Better access to the shop fronts and childcare centre with a new pathway, ramp and stairs;
  • Improved main car park entry and a new parking space for people with a disability, compliant to current standards; and
  • Improved safety and amenity with new lighting, public space seating, landscaping, a drinking fountain and bicycle racks.

The ACT Government allocated $1.76 million over two years for the design and construction of the upgrades from the 2014/15 budget and is committed to improve access, safety, amenity and vitality at local shopping centres across Canberra.

Work is planned to be completed at the three shopping centres in May 2016.