Changes to motorbike parking and duty in Canberra

Motorbike riders are now allowed to park up to three motorbikes in one car space under a 12 month trial that began on 1 July 2016.  This initiative triples the amount of parking available to motorcyclists and frees up car parking spaces for other drivers.

As always, riders are asked to be considerate of others when parking.  The law requires riders to park their motorcycles in a way that allows other riders that are already parked to freely and safely exit the same parking bay.

It’s now also cheaper to buy a new motorbike or scooter in the ACT due to a reduction in the duty payable. The lower duties have been introduced as part of the Vehicle Emission Reduction Scheme which rewards consumers for buying low emission vehicles.

The average saving on a new motorcycle costing $10,000 is $200.  

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