Cheaper food on game day at GIO Stadium


The prices of popular food items at GIO Stadium will be reduced in 2016 with the Rugby Union and Rugby League seasons now underway.

The price of food at GIO stadium can be a restricting factor for many families coming out and supporting local teams on a regular basis, so the ACT Government has worked closely with the stadium’s master caterer, Gema Catering, to make reduced food prices possible.  

As part of the new reduced food options, pies will be 18% cheaper, hot chips will be 20% cheaper, hot dogs will be 23% cheaper, and salads will be 28% cheaper, in response to feedback received from football fans. The new prices are as follows:

  • Meat pie (including the ‘lean and mean’ pies) $4.50 (from $5.50)
  • Hot chips  $4.00 (from $5.00)
  • Plain hot dog   $5.00 (from $6.50)
  • Salad   $5.00 (from $7.00)

There will also be changes to concession outlets, with new food options including a new Mexican food outlet. For Brumbies games, a new pop-up food and beverage stall known as The Slab will be available and Raiders’ fans will also get to enjoy additional offerings. These initiatives are all designed to improve the game day experience for local footy fans.