On the road to Rio with Katie Kelly

Athlete Katie Kelly

         The road to the 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games in Rio has been made a little easier for 30 local athletes who've received a financial grant to help with costs of training, competition and equipment as they strive  to represent Australia.

We caught up with local athlete Katie Kelly as she prepares to compete in the paratriathlon in Rio. 

How does the grant make a difference to your dream of competing in Rio?
It takes off a huge financial pressure by allowing me to cover cost such as training equipment everything from bikes, repairs, training clothes, additional physio and rehab work, as well as cost for my Guide to attend training camps and competitions.

What advice would you give to budding sport stars? 
I have always loved and played most kind of sports. I was never exceptional but always competitive. I've learnt probably two critical things in this elite arena. Consistency and dedication to training, I never miss a beat.
Secondly, your determination has a huge impact. It has been said many times, but I truly believe success comes from your own individual want and will to produce your absolute best. You are truly accountable to you.

What’s the best thing about being an elite athlete?
It's the team around you and the people you meet. Everyday you're constantly inspired by everyone from your Coaching team, to the Sports Scientist, to the S&C to the Sports Psychology team and then of course your fellow athletes and para athletes. It is a tremendous and admiral part of our lives, where we celebrate and aspire for excellence in our pursuits, and we do this with great humanity.

What’s been your favourite moment in your sporting career to date?
Hands down winning the World Championships last year with Michellie Jones as my Guide. It was an incredible win and just pure joy!

What’s your favourite thing about Canberra?
I do love the brisk Autumn days, the beautiful blue skies. The Uriarra and Coppers Crossing ride, the hills of the Observatory and Black Mountain. The runs around the Lakes. The fantastic cafes that keep me fuelled. It's a great lifestyle. The winter - well they do have a positive for athletes...they keep you mentally tough when you can't feel your toes or hands on your long rides.

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