Graffiti busters now underway in Kambah

Volunteer graffiti busters

The new graffiti buster volunteer program is now underway in Kambah. The program allows community groups and individuals to be involved in removing illegal graffiti from private property.

The program will initially focus on assets in the Kambah district, with the potential for other areas of Canberra to be included as the graffiti buster initiative grows. 

Research has shown that prompt and persistent removal of illegal graffiti is an effective way in discouraging repeat vandalism. It not only reduces the recognition that vandals desire but also indicates the area is being monitored.

While the ACT Government removes illegal graffiti from public assets around town under the Common Boundaries Act 1981, it is the owner’s responsibility to remove illegal graffiti from private property. This includes structures like residential fences that back onto public reserves and open spaces.

The new volunteer program aims to provide some assistance for residents who are impacted by illegal graffiti and help keep our city beautiful.

Before graffiti busters get to work, the Transport Canberra and City Services (TCCS) Directorate will seek approval from affected property owners and work with graffiti buster volunteers to remove illegal graffiti.

Materials needed to remove the graffiti will be provided, including paint, brushes as well as safety items including masks, gloves and high visibility vests.

More information on the new Graffiti Buster initiative, including how to join, can be found at the TCCS website at