Upgrades complete at Kambah Village, Charnwood and Spence shops

People at Kambah shops

Upgrades at Kambah Village, Spence Shops and Charnwood Shops are now complete improving safety, functionality and amenity in all three locations.

The improvements have been made to ensure the needs of the community’s everyday shopping needs are met and that local shops are easily accessible, safe and clean.

Kambah Village upgrades focused on the central courtyard area, which follows the direction of a recent community engagement campaign on the area.

Spence has enjoyed changes to a the look, feel and usability of the area including a new shade sail above the playground, new seats, bin shrouds, picnic tables, bike racks, garden beds and tree plantings

At Charnwood, areas of pavement lifted by tree roots have been repaired while concrete pavements in high traffic pedestrian vehicle zones have also been repaired.

Some areas of the old lifted pavement have been transformed into new planted garden beds around the existing seats and trees to help prevent any future tree root lifting damage to pavement.