11 December 2017

The ACT has a new strategy to protect and manage our endangered grasslands.

Less than 10% of the grasslands in south-eastern Australia are in good condition, and the ACT is home to a significant portion of that.

The new ACT Native Grassland Conservation Strategy and associated action plans will guide conservation of this unique ecosystem and its rich variety of plants and animals including the threatened Grassland Earless Dragon, Golden Sun Moth, Perunga Grasshopper and Button Wrinklewort.

The grasslands contribute to our natural biodiversity, our history and heritage, our local amenity and community as well as providing opportunities to enhance cultural engagement, education and scientific research.

The strategy will help us manage threats and maintain and improve ecological connectivity and biodiversity throughout our grasslands. It will also guide our monitoring and research programs and help us improve the grasslands’ resilience to a changing climate.

It outlines how the government can better partner with the community given the essential contribution made by community volunteers to native grassland management and restoration programs.

Community groups already raise public awareness and undertake important citizen science projects and on-ground restoration activities.

The ACT Native Grassland Conservation Strategy and Action Plans will guide the protection, management and restoration of native grasslands and its component species for the next 10 years, building on the successful protection and management of grasslands achieved since the original 2005 Lowland Grassland Conservation Strategy.

See the full strategy and a summary at https://www.yoursay.act.gov.au.

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