Better access to training for all Canberrans

Canberrans of all ages now have more opportunity to up-skill or re-skill with changes to the eligibility criteria for the ‘ACT Australian Apprenticeships program’ now in place.

The limit on the number of funded Australian apprenticeships a person can access has been removed. This means that Canberrans at different stages of life have more opportunities to enhance their job prospects or to seek a new career.

Elizabeth Suarez is a qualified chef, employed by the Food Service Department at The Canberra Hospital and previously completed a Certificate III in Commercial Cookery via an Australian Apprenticeship. Prior to that, she had completed a Certificate II in Health Support Services, which led to her apprenticeship in the Food Service Department of The Canberra Hospital.

Following the recent changes, Elizabeth is now up-skilling in leadership and management skills via a funded traineeship, to support her career progression. This career progression has been supported and mentored by her Senior Manager, Tom Walsh. Prior to these changes, Elizabeth would not have been eligible for another funded traineeship.

Elizabeth’s story highlights the benefits of these changes in providing more opportunities for Canberrans at different stages of life, to enhance their job prospects. There are also strong benefits for employers, providing an excellent way to retain workers with valuable experience and corporate knowledge.

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