07 July 2017

You may have seen recent media, such as the ABC’s War on Waste series, saying that takeaway coffee cups are not recyclable. If this has made you confused - rest assured, in the ACT, coffee cups can be recycled.

In Canberra we do what we can to manage disposable coffee cups from a waste and recycling perspective, but by far the best way to address the problem is for people to stop using them whenever possible.

Here’s the top four ways coffee lovers can do their part.

  • Use a re-useable cup! Keep one on your work desk or in your car, some coffee shops sell them or even offer discounts for bringing one along.
  • Break up your day and hold work meetings in the local coffee shop and drink your coffee the way your barista would prefer, out of a nice ceramic or glass cup.
  • If you do get a take away refuse a lid if you don’t need one – because this part isn’t recyclable at all.
  • Don’t stress if you forget – habits can take a while to change just remember that every disposable cup you refuse helps protect your environment from harm and litter.

For more information about recycling in Canberra visit www.tccs.act.gov.au/recycling-and-waste

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