School devices to arrive Term 1 2018

All students from years 7 to 11 in ACT public high schools and colleges will receive a Chromebook device in term one next year.

The initiative will ensure every secondary student in Canberra public schools has the same access to a device to enhance their learning through technology.

Irrespective of family circumstances, every student will have an equal opportunity to access technology-enabled learning when and where they need it.

With a single device as the standard across classes and schools it also means Canberra teachers don’t need to be experts in every platform or spend valuable lesson time trouble shooting multiple devices.

Chromebook laptops have been selected because these devices will best align with existing ACT public school IT infrastructure. Students are already equipped with access to a specialised Google educational platform where they access a Google classroom and Google apps. Chromebooks integrate seamlessly with these apps and will ensure all students are using a safe, secure and easily managed platform.

In future years Chromebooks will be provided to all new students at the start of every school year, meaning Canberra public secondary students will have up-to-date devices as they move through their schooling.

Detailed information will soon be provided to parents to help with planning for next year.