CBR is Australia's education capital

Canberra has been ranked in the top 20 student cities in the world in 2016. Our city is also home to the top-ranked university in Australia.

Around 64,000 tertiary students are educated in Canberra, including approximately 14,000 international students and a similar number from interstate. One in six people in Canberra, study or work in tertiary education.

International education is also the ACT’s largest export ($579m in 2016).

Supporting sustainable growth in the education and research sector is a priority for the ACT Government and Canberra’s institutions, underpinned by initiatives such as Study Canberra.

The ACT Government has committed additional funding in the recent budget to continue to promote Canberra as Australia’s study destination of choice, and enhance the student experience, in partnership with our strong institutions.

Current initiatives include scholarships, welcome events and engagement of Student Ambassadors as advocates and ‘the face’ of Study Canberra.

Beyond the economic impacts, international and interstate students bring diverse perspectives, build cultural awareness and understanding, and are a key source of talent that we will need for the skilled jobs of the future.

As alumni, these Canberra brand ambassadors will go on to act as advocates, innovators, and exemplars, raising the profile of the cities and institutions in which they studied.

For further information please visit www.studycbr.com.au, Facebook (www.facebook.com/StudyCanberraCBR) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/studycanberra/)