Be a backyard lifeguard

A woman putting zinc on her face If you own or live near a pool, be a backyard lifeguard.

Every year children under five drown in backyard pools – accidents we can help prevent.

As a community we are all responsible for safety around pools and together we can reduce the risk of children drowning in swimming pools in the ACT.

Keep our kids safe this summer and be your own backyard lifeguard with these summer safety tips:

  • Closely supervise children in and around the pool
  • Know how to perform CPR, which can save lives and, if performed early, help reduce serious or long-term injuries
  • Check pool barriers meet current safety standards
  • Teach your kids to swim and be safe around pools
  • Ensure your pool gate is shut at all times

Because the more backyard lifeguards we have, the more children in our community we can keep safe.

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