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Stay safe in extreme heat conditions this summer with eight simple steps.

21 December 2018

Did you know that heatwaves cause more deaths than any other extreme weather event?

That’s why it is important to be aware of the health implications of extreme weather conditions this summer.

These simple tips will help you and those around you stay protected and alert during extreme heat conditions while also reducing negative impacts to health and safety.

  • Keep hydrated. Always remember to drink plenty of water, especially on very hot days.
  • Dress down. Wear light weight clothing and be sun-smart to avoid getting those nasty sun burns.
  • Prepare for hot conditions. Keep out of the heat during the hottest parts of the day.
  • Check on others. Keep an eye on children, the elderly, pregnant women, people with medical conditions, and don't forget your pets!
  • Monitor weather forecasts – Stay informed. For up-to-date weather information visit
  • Be Aware of the latest public health issues and alerts that may be issues by ACT Health.
  • Watch Out. Be on the lookout for any symptoms of heat related illness. Information on how to manage the impacts of heat are available through ACT Government websites and Access Canberra on 13 22 81 or (02) 6207 5111.
  • If you’re unwell, visit a GP or Walk-in Centre. In a medical emergency call 000.

For more information on preventing heat-related illness, refer to the ‘Summer Safety’ information on the ACT Health website.

Planning your day around the heat is also essential to avoid suffering heat-related stress. Avoid being outdoors between 11am and 3pm, make use of fans or air-conditioners when indoors, or visit public places such as shopping centres or public libraries to stay cool. If you find yourself outdoors, make sure you seek shade where possible.

There is also a new quiz-based Climate Ready tool that allows Canberrans to assess and improve their preparedness for the impacts of extreme weather. The Climate Ready Quiz targets four extreme weather risks; heatwaves, droughts, bushfires, and severe storms. Each quiz poses half a dozen questions and only takes 2 minutes to complete.

For more information on how you can get Climate Ready visit

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