No place for discrimination in ACT Schools

teenagers hugging in a circle Amendments to the ACT Discrimination Act have been made to further protect school students and staff.

The ACT’s Discrimination Act has been amended to ensure students and staff can’t be discriminated against in religious schools because of their sexuality, gender identity, race, pregnancy or intersex status.

We all have a role in creating an inclusive community and that includes preventing discrimination in schools for young people and their families, as well as teachers and other staff.

Discrimination can nonetheless occur during admissions or hiring on the basis of the applicant’s religious conviction only. If a school intends to give preference on that basis, it must be made clear in the school’s publicly available policies.

The ACT was the first in Australia to pass a Human Rights Act and the amendments to the Discrimination Act ensure that the two laws do not conflict, giving the strongest human rights protections to young people and education workers in the ACT.