kids decorating tree

Children decorating Christmas tree

06 December 2018

Think sustainability this festive season and you’ll be giving something special to the environment too.

Consider gifting experiences rather than items and using fancy fabrics such as scarves to wrap gifts. If you’re decorating the exterior of the house you might want to solar power your Christmas lights. Also opt for using the ‘good china’ this year and have a plastic-free Christmas with your relatives and friends.

For more ideas on a sustainable Christmas in 2018 visit

Tis the season to recycle more and waste less.

Please note – Tuesday collections scheduled for Christmas Day will be brought forward to Saturday 22nd December.

The following items can go in the recycling bin:

  • Christmas cards and envelopes – even with glitter
  • Wrapping paper and cardboard packaging– even with hard plastic windows
  • All empty bottles, jars and cans
  • Empty plastic containers – no need to rinse.

These items can’t go in the recycling bin:

  • No plastic bags – empty the recycling out
  • Soft plastics
  • Tinsel, Christmas decorations and Christmas lights
  • Leftover food or rubbish
  • Cellophane wrapping
  • Polystyrene
  • Christmas trees
  • Broken crockery.

For more information on recycling this festive season visit the Transport Canberra and City Services website.

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