Help protect the ACT from biosecurity threats

Many pests, diseases and other biosecurity threats such as rabbits, European wasps, exotic weeds and equine influenza have found their way to our shores over the past 200 years. These biosecurity issues directly threaten our environment and agriculture industry.

For example, Varroa Mite could decimate the honey industry and the Red Imported Fire Ant would make outdoor living extremely uncomfortable if they spread into our parks and gardens. Foxes, rabbits and wild dogs are considered the primary cause of the loss of many native species. At least 100 introduced plants are highly invasive and pose a threat to our natural environment.

The ACT Government is seeking community assistance with improving the way it manages biosecurity so the Territory can better respond to threats from invasive pests and diseases. A proposed framework for new biosecurity legislation is available for community comment at the ACT Government’s YourSay website until 10 August.

The new legislation will help us be better prepared to identify and control any new pests or diseases—and to better manage current biosecurity threats such as invasive weeds and European wasps. It will provide for modern and effective management tools, and for us to respond quickly in emergency situations.

For more information on the proposed framework and how to have your say, go to