Using wood heaters this winter

With the arrival of winter Canberrans are reminded to use their wood heaters appropriately, or switch to a more sustainable alternative.

Smoke from domestic wood heaters remains the largest source of air pollution in Canberra. Using wood heaters effectively saves you money, improves our air quality and helps protect residents from the harmful health impacts of smoke.

There are a number of tips that can assist in using your wood heater effectively such as:

  • using dry, well-seasoned, untreated wood;
  • opening the air control fully when starting a fire;
  • using smaller logs to maintain a vigorous fire;
  • avoiding a smouldering heater overnight.

Wood heater replacement program

The Wood Heater Replacement program aims to reduce winter air pollution from wood smoke, offering a financial incentive to replace an old wood heater with an energy efficient alternative.

Energy efficient reverse cycle electric systems attract a rebate under the program. Those who wish to simply remove their wood heater can expect to receive a rebate of $100.

The program aims to reduce the cost barriers facing many households in removing these wood fired heaters from their home.

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