A Spotted-tailed Quoll snarling.

A Spotted-tailed Quoll snarling.

17 September 2018

Community input is being sought on a new plan to help protect the Spotted-tailed Quoll, one of the ACT’s most threatened animals.

Spotted-tailed Quoll numbers have declined since European settlement and are now incredibly rare in the ACT, with an average detection rate of one animal per year since 2005.

The action plan seeks to maintain in the long-term, suitable habitat conditions that will support wild populations of Spotted-tailed Quolls in the ACT by preserving key habitat features, managing any threats to them, knowing more about them and contributing to their regional and national conservation.

See the draft action plan at yoursay.act.gov.au/spotted-tailed-quoll

And if you see one let Access Canberra know on 13 22 81 and take a photo or video if you can.

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