A pedestrian walking across the light rail track at a designated crossing.

Stop before you cross and cross at a designated crossing.

08 April 2019

Light rail has arrived in Canberra, are you rail ready?

Follow these tips to stay safe around light rail.

  • Pay attention and stay alert at all times around light rail.
  • Light rail vehicles can move quickly and quietly. Earphones, and other distractions like reading, texting, taking photos or selfies can put you at risk.
  • Pay attention and stay alert at all times around light rail.
  • Take care when pushing a pram. Ensure you push across the tracks so the wheel doesn't get stuck.
  • If you're a cyclist look out for the tracks on the road and do not ride immediately adjacent to the rail track. Your cycle wheels may get caught in the rail groove. Ride directly across the tracks at a right angle to avoid your wheels getting stuck.
  • Do not to queue across the tracks at any time.
  • Do not drive across the tracks unless the path ahead is clear.
  • Road rules stay the same. Always obey traffic lights and road signs.

If everyone follows the rules, we all stay safe.

Light rail has a total capacity of about 207 with seating for 66 passengers, and there are four bike racks, two dedicated wheelchair spaces and 12 priority seats.

Motorists, cyclists, pedestrians and all road users are urged to be vigilant, aware and alert when travelling along the light rail corridor.

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