26 April 2019

As the new public transport network has launched with buses and light rail, it's never been a better time to plan ahead.

The new TC Journey Planner is the easiest way to plan your trip across the new network. It is designed to provide a better, more connected experience for all commuters and public transport users.

Canberra's new integrated transport network may mean that you have to use multiple forms of transport to get to your destination. The TC Journey Planner makes this process easier enabling you to choose from multiple journey modes including bus, light rail, cycling and walking.

Plan your journey today, visit transport.act.gov.au.

Travel by bus or light rail for one-month with free travel

It's time to get on board with one-month free travel across the light rail and bus networks using your MyWay Card.

You can catch the light rail from Civic to Gungahlin to check out the transformed Gungahlin Town Centre. Transformations include a new bus and light rail station, a revamp of Hibberson Street and duplication of key roads leading into and out of Gungahlin.

Shopfronts, dining spaces and other businesses along Hibberson Street are also open and ready for business.

Don't forget to tap on and off with your MyWay Card when entering and exiting light rail vehicles to travel for free.

Getting help on light rail

Customer Service Officers are available to assist passengers travelling on light rail and at light rail stops between Gungahlin and Civic. They will also be located at pedestrian crossings and major intersections along the light rail corridor. Ask them for information about ticketing and connecting services. Look out for their red shirts and friendly faces.

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