Michael and Cheryl McNamara who are volunteers at the University  of Canberra Hospital.

Michael and Cheryl McNamara are volunteers at the University of Canberra Hospital.

01 August 2019

Thank you to more than 450 volunteers who give their time to provide much-needed support to patients, families and visitors at Canberra’s hospitals.

Michael and Cheryl McNamara have been volunteering at the University of Canberra Hospital since it opened last July.

"We sometimes see the same people each week and it’s really rewarding to see the progress they make," said Michael.

The Canberra Health Services volunteer group is made up of a diverse range of people, from university students and full-time workers to mums and dads, and retirees.

Roles for volunteers include:

  • Discharge Lounge Support
  • Speech Pathology – Talkback Program
  • Emergency Department
  • Hand and Foot Massage
  • Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care
  • Veterans Lounge/RSL Visitors
  • Canberra Community Dialysis Centre
  • Intensive Care Unit
  • Capital Region Cancer Centre
  • JP Service
  • Auxiliary roles including Hospital Guide, Kiosk and Kiosk Trolley, Flower Ladies, Patient Library and Library Trolley.

Find out more about volunteering at health.act.gov.au

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