Two young boys playing at a natural play area in Canberra

Natural play areas build on children’s imagination and curiosity.

27 August 2019

Construction is underway on a new nature play space in Farrer. Two new nature play spaces will also be built in Eddison Park and Glebe Park.

Nature play spaces provide unstructured play experiences that encourage creative and imaginative play, using primary elements from the landscape such as logs and boulders to encourage kids to climb, balance, jump, explore and develop their coordination skills.

Eddison Park

The nature play space at Eddison District Park in Woden will have a sand and water theme for younger kids that provides an opportunity to touch and manipulate the flow of water. The existing island will have a new feature of a climbing mound with a tunnel, slide and bridges across the reed beds.


The new nature play space in Farrer will include a range of zones for children to explore for climbing, scrambling, and hiding. The play space will feature timber climbing structures, a sand pit, tunnel and climbing nets as well as a mountain bike circuit adjacent the play space.

Glebe Park

The City-based nature play space will be built in the elm tree forest near the existing play space and park rotunda. It will include a dry gravel creek bed with water pump and sand play tables, tree house with ramp, ladder and fireman’s pole and adventure course of ropes, net and beams. Many of the elements allow access for inclusive play for children and adults with varying levels of mobility.

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