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Local businesses can now sign up to be part of Canberra's first reusable coffee cup trial.

11 December 2019

More than 40 Canberra cafes have signed up for a new reusable coffee cup program, Green Caffeen, designed to reduce reliance on single-use cups.

The scheme allows coffee, tea and hot chocolate drinkers to scan, swap, drink and return their takeaway cup to any participating café in Canberra. At launch, on 11 December 2019, more than 40 cafes in the capital were signed up to the free 'swap-and-go' model.

You can register for the program via the free Green Caffeen app and borrow a free Green Caffeen cup to drink with a clear conscience. The app also allows you to see which local cafes are taking part.

Australians drink more than 50,000 cups of coffee every half an hour and use an estimated one billion disposable coffee cups every year. While paper coffee cups are recyclable in the ACT, it’s much more sustainable to reduce our reliance on single use items.

The new Green Caffeen cups will be CBR co-branded to demonstrate our region’s commitment to sustainability initiatives. These cups contain recycled content and will also be recycled into new cups at the end of their life.

To register and participate, download the Green Caffeen app on your phone.

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