Community events, parks and street upgrades to revitalise Dickson

An artists impression of Challis Street, Dickson. An artists impression of Challis Street, Dickson.

The Dickson Place Plan has been created in collaboration with the local community and builds on the area’s existing character.

Actions in the plan include annual festivals, smaller events, temporary streetscape changes, increased public art and the creation of a Dickson-specific grants program.

The short, medium and long term actions in the Dickson Place Plan are a road-map to help strengthen and improve Dickson's identity as the area continues to evolve and grow.

As well as community-driven events and activities, the plan also recommends a trial project to upgrade the public spaces along Woolley Street, with a temporary park in the Dickson village area, hang-out spaces, skate facilities, games and play spaces.

The actions range from short-term temporary improvements to larger, permanent changes.

To view the plan, visit City Renewal Authority.