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Help give your street trees a drink.

17 January 2019

With ongoing hot and dry weather across the region, we’re asking Canberrans to help look after our city’s fantastic street trees.

The annual summer tree watering program for about 18,000 young trees on nature strips and in parks is currently underway, but these young trees would benefit from an extra drink where possible.

A little help from the community will make a significant difference when keeping trees happy and healthy, especially during these hot and dry conditions.

How much water?

An eight litre bucket of water once a week could provide enough supplementary water for young trees during dry periods.

A larger tree of over five metres may require several buckets once a week, during the cool of the morning or evening.

The water should be applied slowly under the tree close to the trunk.

And we recommend using non-potable water - second class water such as shower or bath water is suitable for watering plants.

Signs for stressed and struggling trees

We especially ask people to look for stressed or struggling trees.

There are a few signs that your neighbourhood tree is in trouble including dead branches in the canopy, sparse leaf cover, deep bark cracking and curling, browning or drooping leaves.

Canberra is home to a large urban forest

We manage one of the largest urban forests in Australia. It includes more than 760,000 trees on public land in residential streets, major road verges, urban parks and other open spaces throughout the city.

Everybody benefits from our urban forest. Trees beautify our city and they bring in birds and local wildlife. Trees also improve the market value of your home and suburb, they reduce energy bills by providing cooling shade in summer and wind reduction in winter. Trees also purify the air we breathe and reduce stormwater runoff and erosion.

With the drier weather over the colder months, we started our ‘tree watering program’ a little earlier than normal to give our city’s younger trees the best possible chance. Approximately 18,000 developing trees in streets and parks will be watered over the coming months using non-potable sourced water. Trees under three years of age in non-irrigated areas will be watered monthly until April 2019.

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