New and improved playgrounds for Woden, Weston Creek and Molonglo

A family walking through a park in Canberra Playgrounds in 32 suburbs across Canberra, including Woden, Molonglo and Weston Creek, will receive works

Canberra kids and families will soon benefit from new and improved playgrounds across our city.

A group of Canberra parents and carers came together in 2018 as part of a ‘Play Spaces Forum’, where they discussed and deliberated on playgrounds.

Their work has resulted in a range of new playground initiatives planned across our city.

In Woden, Weston Creek and Molonglo, funding from the ‘Play Spaces Forum’ will be provided for:

  • New Nature Play spaces to be built at Eddison Park, Phillip and near the shops at Farrer.
  • A ‘whole of suburb’ review on Waramanga's and Torrens playgrounds, as two of five suburbs across Canberra to be reviewed.
  • Refresh works, such as repairs and repainting for playgrounds in Curtin, Farrer, Lyons, O’Malley and Stirling.
  • New amenities such as seating or shade for playgrounds in Curtin, Stirling, O’Malley, Lyons and Farrer.

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