Your swimming safety tips for summer

Children preparing to go swimming Doesn't matter where you go to cool off this summer, ensure you are swim safe with these tips.

Heading to cool off with the kids in the Cotter River this weekend? Or perhaps you’re thinking about taking the dog for a swim at Uriarra Crossing?

No matter where in the ACT you decide to go for a refreshing dip, it is important to be aware of safety measures to ensure that everybody has a safe and fun time while swimming outdoors.

These tips will help you, your family, and your friends cool off safely.

  • Check before you enter: check the water conditions prior to entering. Beware of fast flowing water or submerged objects, and always check the water depth before entering.
  • Signal for help: If you are in trouble, stay calm and signal for help. Try floating on your back and let the current take you to shore.
  • Swim with a buddy: Not only is it more fun swimming with a friend, but having someone else around while swimming can provide help if you find yourself having a little trouble in the water.

While the ACT is home to some wonderful rivers, lakes, and swimming holes, these aren’t always patrolled by lifeguards so make sure that you are aware and alert of your surroundings. Choose swimming areas with groups of people to ensure there is always help available when needed.

If you are pondering where to visit this weekend, check out some of the best swimming spots in Canberra.