An aerial photo of Canberra homes and surrounding nature.

Eligible homebuyers will be able to purchase new homes across a range of Canberra suburbs once the properties are built.

04 July 2019

A mix of units, apartments and townhouses are planned to be built as part of the Affordable Home Purchase Program.

Eligible home buyers may be able to purchase new homes across a range of suburbs including in Belconnen Town Centre, Civic, Coombs, Greenway, Gungahlin Town Centre, Lawson, Lyneham, Lyons, Moncrieff, Phillip, Strathnairn, Taylor, Throsby, Whitlam and Wright.

Eligible home buyers will have the opportunity to be included in ballots for an affordable dwelling in those developments that have an affordable dwelling requirement.

To be eligible for the Affordable Home Purchase Program you must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • be an Australian resident
  • have a total gross income for all applicants of less than $100,000, for households of up to two children, increasing by $16,000 per child up to a capped maximum of $148,000 for five or more children
  • not own or not have ever owned any property
  • have at least one applicant who will live in the home continuously for 12 months.

To find out more or to register on the Affordable Home Purchase database visit

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