University of Canberra Hospital staff.

University of Canberra Hospital staff help patients going through rehabilitation following surgery, stroke, illness or injury.

31 July 2019

This month, the University of Canberra Hospital (UCH) marked one year since opening its doors.

The hospital is a dedicated and purpose-built rehabilitation facility. It provides care and support for people over the age of 18 who are experiencing mental illness or recovering from surgery, illness or injury.

UCH has helped hundreds of Canberrans through rehabilitation in its first year, including patients like Dane McCormack.

In 2018, Dane was diagnosed with a T cell Lymphoma that resulted in chemotherapy, a STEM cell transplant and memory loss. Since then, Dane worked hard with staff from the hospital to help him get ready to return to the workforce.

"I’ve been working with staff from the hospital for over six months now. They have been fantastic in helping me to overcome and manage my memory loss and fatigue," he said.

"They got me to refamiliarize myself with a computer, conduct internet research and prepare market reports.

"I’m back at work now and that hard work really paid off. It was fantastic to have access to all of the equipment and after 18 months off work, I want to thank all of the staff at UCH who helped me get back."

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