Aranda Primary students taking care of the school garden

Aranda Primary's student team, G-force, develops sustainable practices for the whole school

06 June 2019

Aranda Primary School received a highly commended place in the 2018 Actsmart Schools Sustainability Awards.

The recognition came in the Sustainable School of the Year category at the inaugural Actsmart Schools Awards.

Aranda Primary's student team, G-force, has developed sustainable practices for the whole school to be involved in such as classroom recycling and organic waste composting, rubbish pickers, and energy saving strategies. The school’s water harvesting gardens have removed the need for irrigation for the last two years.

The awards celebrate excellence in the Actsmart Schools focus areas:

  • waste and recycling management
  • efficient use of energy
  • actions to address water use and quality
  • improvements to school grounds and biodiversity and
  • the inclusion of sustainability within the curriculum.

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