A woman getting a drink from a local cafe with a paper straw

Many Canberra cafes have already made the Straws Suck pledge.

05 June 2019

Did you know about 10 million plastic straws are used in Australia every day and then thrown away? The use of plastic is an increasing threat to our environment.

Many local companies have already made the Straws Suck pledge to help rid Canberra cafes and bars of plastic waste, primarily single-use plastic straws, including Sunday In Canberra, Frankie's at Forde, Bitten Goodfoods, That Gelato Place in Weston, Gus' Place and East Hotel.

See a map of all organisations that have taken the pledge or take the pledge for your business at actsmart.act.gov.au

You can also have your say on how we can continue to reduce our plastic use in the ACT. Read the discussion paper and share your thoughts at yoursay.act.gov.au/single-use-plastic

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