New city place manager, Lavanna Neal stands in the City.

Lavanna Neal is the new city place manager for Civic, Acton and Braddon.

20 March 2019

A new dedicated cleaning, maintenance and place improvement team will help make Civic, Acton and Braddon cleaner, greener and more attractive.

Lavanna Neal is the City Renewal Authority’s new city place manager.

Lavanna will manage a small team who together will work on lifting the standard of cleaning, greenery, maintenance and presentation in the city centre, making it a more enjoyable destination for visitors, residents and workers.

The team will also work hard to introduce more seating, planting and entertainment programs over time, to make public places feel more inviting.

These extra services are being funded by the City Centre Marketing and Improvements Levy, which is paid by commercial land owners in Civic and Braddon.

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