A young soccer player watches a soccer match at Calwell Oval.

A young soccer player watches a soccer match at Calwell Oval.

15 March 2019

All irrigated sportsgrounds across the ACT will be closed and unavailable for formal hire from Monday 18 March to Sunday 31 March, 2019 (inclusive).

This allows the grounds to undergo necessary renovations, which are carried out twice yearly in spring and at the end of the summer sport season.

The summer season is always busy for sportsgrounds and the closures allow for much needed biannual maintenance work to be carried out to prepare for winter sports.

This includes applying fertiliser to assist turf growth and to re-establish turf density prior to winter competitions commencing. Other restoration activities include aeration, top dressing of worn and uneven areas and over sowing of bare or sparse areas to achieve an even turf cover.

During the maintenance period goal posts will be installed and our groundskeepers focus on getting the turf in the best possible shape for winter competition.

The ACT Government manages approximately 280 hectares of irrigated sportsgrounds across 126 separate sites in the ACT and each of these grounds hosts regular training and competitions year round.

More at tccs.act.gov.au

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