Free one-on-one children's asthma education sessions

A child using his spacer with a puffer. A child using his spacer with a puffer.

1 in 10 Australian children are affected by asthma.

Asthma affects the airways causing them to become narrow, making it hard for air to get in and out of the lungs. Common signs of asthma include: breathlessness, wheezing, tight feeling in the chest and coughing.

For many children, asthma attacks may occur more often in the winter months. In fact, the common cold is behind around 4 out of 5 bad asthma attacks.

Make sure your children’s lungs are in the best possible shape for winter by booking into a free one-on-one education session with the Children’s Asthma Education Service.

Sessions are held in Canberra’s Community Health Centres. To book an appointment contact Community Health Intake on (02) 5124 9977 or visit: