Changes to the Dickson Pool forecourt.

29 November 2019

We’ve upgraded the the Dickson Pool forecourt for the summer and would love your feedback on what works for you and what else we should consider.

Next time you head to Dickson Pool, or walk past on your way to or from the shops, take a minute to check out the upgrades.

Some are temporary to give you ideas for permanent upgrades down the track, such as the loopy pavement artwork, seating, landscaping and more bike parking and shade. 

Some, like the trees, are permanent. We are trialling the transplanting of semi-mature trees, with four Pyrus ussuriensis (Manchurian Pear) trees transplanted in November to provide more shade and amenity to the forecourt.

The upgrades emerged as one of the community's top priorities during consultation as part of the Section 72 Dickson Project.

If you have feedback about the Dickson Pool forecourt we want to hear from you. Your feedback will inform a detailed design for other upgrades in the future.

Take our survey on the YourSay website or contact the team at

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