Two women walking across the road at the Fraser shops.

Residents at Dunlop and Fraser can expect upgrades to the local shops.

18 October 2019

Local shopping centres in the West Belconnen suburbs of Dunlop and Fraser will receive upgrades to improve public amenities and infrastructure.

The upgrades in both suburbs will revitalise and improve access in and around the centres while also encouraging residents to shop locally.

Local shopping centres create important community hubs that foster a sense of belonging and provide opportunities to gather together. Ageing public infrastructure can have the opposite effect, which is why these updates are important.

Fraser shops upgrades

The upgrades at Fraser shops follow previous consultation which identified what was important for a future public space upgrade at the local shopping centre.

The delivery of improvements at Fraser include:

  • landscaping, including new retaining walls around an existing garden bed,
  • improving key pathways and existing stairs to make these safer and more accessible,
  • improving public amenity by installing outdoor furniture in the existing courtyard.

Dunlop shops upgrades

The shops at Dunlop will receive minor amenity improvements including a public noticeboard to help residents stay informed. New shade sails over the playground in the open space behind the shops will also be installed to make it more family-friendly and attractive to use throughout the year.

Construction in both suburbs is expected to get underway in early 2020. Upgrades will take approximately six months.

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