A Rosella bird on a tree.

A Rosella captured in one of the hollows.

25 October 2019

Transport Canberra and City Services crews have created three tree hollows for local birds in Hawker.

One of the hollows has been fitted with a motion sensor camera to capture which local birds are using the hollows. Some more recent visitors captured by the camera include Eastern rosellas and Crimson rosellas.

Installations of the hollows will help increase the habitat value of dead native trees within the urban environment, as well as monitor bird activity.

We are lucky to live in a city with over 766 000 public trees scattered throughout our streets and parks. Trees provide many benefits including shading in summer, improved air quality, reduced water run-off, habitat for wildlife, urban amenity and increased property values.

Habitat trees are an important part of an active ecosystem, even in the urban environment. They provide an important resource for wildlife, such as birds, in our city for nesting, roosting, feeding and shelter.

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