Two young boys running in the Gungahlin Place Play space.

Two young boys making the most of the new equipment at the Gungahlin Place Play space.

31 October 2019

Have you checked out the new inclusive playground in the Gungahlin Town Centre and new nature play space in Farrer?

Located in Gungahlin Place, between Efkarpidis Street and Hibberson Street, the new play space is built for children of all ages and includes a range of play equipment, including:

  • a bird's nest swing
  • stepping stones and stumps
  • walking planks
  • a drum kit
  • talking tubes, and
  • totem poles.

Locals and visitors in Farrer will be able to enjoy a new nature play space with a range of exciting opportunities to be active, grow and learn. The play space includes a range of zones for children to climb, scramble, hide and rest. Children will also be able to zoom around on a mountain bike circuit next to the play space. Another nature play space in Woden's Eddison Park is being built.

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