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Download the free AirRater app to help manage your asthma and hay fever symptoms this spring.

03 September 2019

Spring into action this hay fever season with the free AirRater app.

AirRater helps people with asthma, hay fever or other lung conditions to better manage their symptoms. It monitors environmental conditions such as air quality and weather, which can have a major impact on health.

What does AirRater track?

  • Smoke and air pollution in your location.
  • Temperature, alerting you when extremely hot or cold weather is forecast.
  • Pollen levels.

Key features of AirRater

  • Keep track of your hay fever and asthma symptoms in one place.
  • Check the air quality at any location.
  • Set up 'saved' locations so you can quickly view what's happening in areas you visit frequently.
  • See the location of bushfires.
  • See how your symptoms correlate with environmental conditions.

You can download the AirRater app for free at airrater.org.

People suffering from health conditions like asthma and hay fever should also be mindful of the upcoming mowing schedule and potential bushfires.

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