ACT Midwife of the Year Sally McRae

Sally McRae is the 2019 ACT Midwife of the Year.

20 September 2019

Sally McRae, a Clinical Development Midwife from Calvary Public Hospital Bruce, holds many important titles. Mother, partner, pianist, registered midwife, lactation specialist and educator.

She’s just added 2019 ACT Midwife of the Year to that impressive list.

From working alongside women, before, during and after childbirth, to leading birthing education programs and supporting research to reduce the risk of infant mortality, Ms McRae is passionate about improving the journey for women from pregnancy to parenthood, while increasing the knowledge and resilience of midwives.

In accepting the accolade, she graciously dedicated her award to all the women – including the graduate students, seasoned midwives, her team – the people she works alongside who are unwaveringly committed to contributing to people’s lives in truly wonderful way.

“Every day I’m inspired by the bravery, clinical skills, wisdom, patience, kindness and creativity of midwives who just know how to make things happen. Any good I can do comes from the inspiration I get from the midwives and women around me," she said.

“Our role is very special because we’re involved in more than one generation simultaneously and there’s not many careers that can do that. It’s an absolute privilege and honour to be so intimately involved in someone’s life”.

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