Two women working in their garden.

You can help look after our green spaces with the Adopt-A-Park program.

05 September 2019

New grants are available to help local residents and volunteer groups to look after our green spaces.

The Adopt-A-Park program will allow Canberrans to look after parks and green spaces, playgrounds, grasslands, creeks, wetlands and lake surrounds.

Volunteers play a major role in caring for and maintaining our parks and green spaces in Canberra.

There are currently 35 active volunteer groups registered with the Urban Parks and Places volunteer program, providing more than 2,000 hours of volunteer work in the last year.

The Adopt-A-Park program aims to support these existing volunteer groups while also encouraging other Canberrans to head outdoors, help out and meet new people.

Grant funding may be used for:

  • consumable products like plants and produce
  • tools and equipment
  • contracted specialists such as a landscape designer
  • small scale infrastructure such as benches.

To find out how you can help our green spaces or to apply for a grant visit

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