Primary school children sitting in a grassy courtyard interacting with each other

30 September 2019

Upgrades to outdoor spaces are underway or recently completed at Evatt, Latham, and Kaleen primary schools, while heating, cooling and energy efficiency improvements are being made in schools across Belconnen.

The changes are designed to meet the needs of growing school student numbers in the Belconnen region.

The sensory garden at Evatt Primary School has been upgraded to provide an outdoor space for students.The school has worked closely with the Education Directorate, Parents and Citizens Committee and School Board to ensure an energy efficient and sustainable solution was achieved, including the installation of double-glazed windows in the adjacent hall.

This area has been designed  to reduce the heat of the afternoon sun, particularly in the summer.

Deciduous trees (Japanese maples) were used in the garden to provide shade and honour the teaching of Japanese language at the school. The garden also includes an Indigenous yarning circle to support learning. Once matured, the garden will provide shading to parts of the school building and help with temperature control.

The soft-fall surface beneath the play equipment has been replaced at Kaleen Primary School and Latham Primary School.

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