Changing noise standards in Canberra's town centres

A crowd of people outside at a festival. Noise standards may be changing in Canberra's busy city centre.

Nightlife in our city centre is more vibrant than ever, with restaurants, live music and events.

While more and more Canberrans enjoy a night out, noise standards haven’t changed since they were introduced in 1998. We're now changing our noise standards to keep up with the changing city dynamic.

We are proposing to extend current daytime noise standards, which are louder than night-time standards, on Friday and Saturday nights:

  • from 10pm to midnight in the city centre and town centres (Woden, Tuggeranong, Belconnen and Gungahlin)
  • from 10pm to 11pm in group centres such as Jamison, Dickson and Erindale.

If you live in or near city centres, make sure you have your say at

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